Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Welcome to my Recipe Blog!

Hello and welcome to my recipe blog!

So nice of you to stop by and visit with me. 

I'm Patty Dooley and I love recipes! I'm also a Tupperware Consultant who loves to use the products and show off all the things I try and cook. So, to keep my recipes all together, and after talking with some friends, I decided that I would start my blog. 

What will you find here? Well, everything I try! haha and there are times I try a lot of stuff. I will be sharing just everyday meals, recipes I'll be making with the products that I sell. All the family get-togethers that we have, Our holiday meals and let me tell you, we have a different Thanksgiving every year! I'll be sharing when we have theme dinners on the patio and just whatever I think up to do.

Mostly, this blog is just going to be fun and relaxed. I have to be serious and adult like all the time, but here I want it to be more fun than anything. I'll show my mess-ups and trust me, I have them. lol and I'll show what goes right. Now, not everything will be done with my Tupperware products but most will. I just may share recipes that I find on other sites and I may share other tips and ideas as well. You just never know what I'll be doing. So feel free to join us. Have some fun while you're here too!

I'm so looking forward to hearing from you all!

Blessings and until later,