Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Chipolte-Ranch Chili

Chipolte-Ranch Chili

Back during the winter it was cold, damp, rainy and I was hungry for some chili. But I didn't want to take all day cooking beans and stuff for a pot. So, I looked through one of my Tupperware Cookbooks and found the Chipolte Ranch Chili. It sounded good but most of all it was fast and easy to make! So, I set out making the Chili!
Enjoy the recipe!

Products used in the making of this recipe: Tupperware Stack Cooker, Can opener and our Quick Chef Pro Chopper.

Step 1: Gather what you need
1 lb. hamburger
1 med. yellow onion
3 cloves garlic
1/2 green and red bell pepper
1 - 16 oz can chili beans - un drained
1- 16 oz can pinto beans - un drained
1- 16 oz can whole corn - drained
2 Tbl. Chipolte seasonings
1 oz. package of dry ranch dressing mix

Step 2- place colander into stack cooker 3 qt. bottom and crumble ground beef.

Step 3 - place onion, garlic and bell pepper into Quick Chef Pro Chopper and chop all vegetables.
Tupperware Quick Chef Pro

Step 4 - add chopped vegetables into broken ground beef and mix. Place lid on stack cooker and cook in microwave for 5 min. stop and mix and break up meat, add back to microwave for 2 min. to finish cooking.

Step 5 - Remove colander from base and your hamburger mixture will be drained and free of grease. Clean bottom part of 3 quart base to finish cooking

Tupperware Stack Cooker

Step 6 - while meat mixture is cooking open cans and drain corn.

Step 7 - Combine meat mixture with remaining ingredients into the 3 quart bowl. Cover with lid and cook at 80% power for 10 min.

Step 8 - Chili is done. Taste for seasonings and adjust. Then enjoy!